MEPCO Bill Online – Check, Print and Download Duplicate Bill January 2023

Check MEPCO Bill Online or download Duplicate Bill January 2023 by simple following the below steps, just enter the reference or Bill number and click on check bill.

MEPCO is considered one of the largest electricity service providers in Pakistan. This company comprises 13 different regions in southern Punjab and is used by over 35 million people in these regions.

However, if you are a MEPCO user and looking for the MEPCO online bills 2022, you can simply execute this process. You can simply check MEPCO Bill online by entering your Reference Number below. Since depositing electricity bills before due time could be a complex task. Besides, no one wants to stand and wait in long queues. Such conditions bring nothing but anxiety that you don’t want.

With the MEPCO bill online, you can eliminate all your worries and save a lot of your time and energy. You can get your MEPCO bill online via any device, i.e., computer or smartphone, within a few seconds and print it out. Notwithstanding, under MEPCO, there are five different companies that include QESCO, PESCO, HESCO, LESCO, and FESCO. This company has reached three various provinces of Pakistan and is considered the only electric supply company.

To check mepco online bill 2022, you just need to know your 14 digit reference number

But with MEPCO, how can you get its bill online? To assist you, I have composed the entire article for you so that you could pay your electricity bills trouble-free.

Check MEPCO Bill Online 2023

Please input your reference number below to Check your MEPCO Bill online

Get and Pay MEPCO Bill Online 2023 Effortlessly

A few years ago, it seemed impossible for MEPCO to help people access everyone to its website and check and get their bills online whenever and wherever they wanted. Now WPADA has introduced the E-Bill system and portals where checking your MEPCO bill online has become one of the most straightforward procedures that could be done within seconds. The sooner you get your bill, the earlier you would pay your bills without any late penalties.

Nothing could be better than getting and paying your electricity bills while staying home. You can pay your bills more comfortably with the latest technological system, instead of standing in a long queue and waiting for your turn. All you need to do is enter the reference number and the system will automatically process your payment.

Under this section, I will guide you on how you can check your MEPCO bill online and how to get the reference on your bill. Afterward, I will get you through the whole process to pay your MEPCO bill.

About MEPCO Bill Online Check 2023

Are you striving with your MEPCO electricity bill every month? Many people must be aware that they can check their MEPCO bills online quickly. But, most people don’t know that on the official website of MEPCO, viewing on and paying their monthly bills every month can make them face enormous financial penalties if they have missed the due date. In some rare cases, if you have not paid your electricity bill for a few months, the electricity company may cut off the electric supply to your house.

The 15th of each month is the date to dispatch the electricity bill to each user’s registered address. Unfortunately, if you do not get your electricity bill, you can request a copy of this bill from the nearest division office. Besides that, you can find a duplicate of your MEPCO bill online and download it.

Getting MEPCO bills online is a super easy and time-efficient way for customers today. In case you don’t revive your electricity bill and the due date is near, you can simply visit the official site of MEPCO and print out a copy of your bill.

MEPCO.PK online bills

History of MEPCO

MEPCO was developed on August 14th, 1988, as an incorporated public limited company. It is operated and maintained under the Ministry of Energy and Power Division. Before the establishment of MEPCO, the electricity supplier was Multan Area Electricity Board (MAEB) which no longer continued this supply, so MEPCO came into being. This company, right after launching, obtained all the responsibilities, compulsions, assets, and rights of the previous company.

MEPCO was supposed to acquire all the network and power stations of the Multan Electricity Board. This company covers most of the Southern Punjab area, and most of its territories contain a rural population. Right now, MEPCO covers 13 different districts such as:

BahawalpurMuzaffar Garh
Bahawal NagarPak Pattant
Dera Ghazi KhanRahim Yar Khan
KhanewalRajan Pur
Layyah Sahiwal
Lodhran Vehari
MEPCO Service Areas

Check your MEPCO Bill Online

In the above-given field, you need to enter your reference number. Once you enter your bill reference number, a duplicate of your MEPCO bill will be previewed in front of you. however, you need to enter this number by keeping several things in mind:

  • The reference number must not be longer than 14 digits.
  • All the digits should be entered without spacing.
  • After entering your reference number, click on the submit button, and you will get your online electricity bill copy.
  • You can download this duplicate by clicking on the ‘print’ button and take a printout of this copy.

Now the question that must be arising to your mind is how you can get your reference number, so I am here to help you out.

Find your MEPCO Bill Reference Number

If you do not know where you can find the reference number on your MEPCO bill, you can go through your bill all over. On the left side of the bill, there is written ‘Reference No.’ that is known as the reference number of your bill. Below, I have encircled the area where you can find your reference number.

Although you may find your reference number on some other place, yet on the left side. This is because MEPCO has made some changes in its bills. Thus, to find your reference number more efficiently, you need to search for the 14-digit number on the bill, which would be your reference number and insert it to pay your bill.

MEPCO.PK online bills

How to Pay MEPCO Bill Online

Today, technology is stepping fast, and everyone wants quick completion of tasks. However, instead of going manually, everybody prefers technology. Innovation is dashing and overtaking the whole world through which you can hassle-freely pay your bills while sitting on your couch through your devices in your hands.

You can pay your bills online through MEPCO portals or even other mobile banking applications to pay your MEPCO bills by following several steps.

  • All you need to do is install any of the mobile banking applications either in android or iOS mobile and sign up for it.
  • Select your utility bill.
  • Insert the reference number

To avoid any mistakes, check the reference number a couple of times.

  • Click on the ‘pay’ button.
  • Your MEPCO bill has been paid online within a few moments.

MEPCO Bill Calculator 2022

The MEPCO bill calculator is very similar to other electricity bill calculators that are used to determine the kW cost by identifying the consumption of energy on your appliances and other electronic devices. By giving you selective and rapid information about your upcoming bill, the MEPCO bill calculator would provide you with the best estimation for your electricity bill amount, which also includes some common taxes.

However, you can use the MEPCO bill calculator by following various steps given below:

  • Firstly, you need to know how to take the readings from your electric meter.
  • Click on the button above, and you will be readdressed to the MEPCO bill estimator.
  • To calculate your electricity bill, you need to fill the form with required information such as:
  • Connection type
  • Phase type
  • Number of units consumed
  • Meter rent
  • Service rent
  • Number of TV sets
  • Whether you want to calculate your bill with or without GST and ED exempt
  • Once you have filled the form with all the required data, click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • The estimated bill will preview on your screen within seconds.

This estimated information is not only the amount but all the other data that will inform you about how your electricity bill will look like. These calculations include the FC charge, cost of electricity, PTV fee, service rent, total bill cost, meter rent, etc.

Various Online Payment Methods in Pakistan

There are plenty of mobile banking applications, yet a few of them are trustworthy which can be used to pay online bills, recharge, and transfer money. I have discussed a few of them to make it clearer for paying MEPCO bills online.

mepco jazzcash


JazzCash is a user-friendly application in which you have to recharge your account by transacting money from a bank or by visiting your nearest PCO. You can execute the following steps to pay your MEPCO bills online.

  • Log in to the app.
  • Select the ‘Bill Payment’ option.
  • Select utility provider.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Enter your pin and pay your bill.
mepco easypaisa


EasyPaisa can be used similarly, which is equally easy to use and quite simple. Below are the steps to follow:

  • Recharge your EasyPaisa account the same way as JazzCash.
  • Tap on the ‘bill’ icon.
  • Select the provider.
  • Insert the reference number and other data.
  • Click on the ‘pay’ button, and your MEPCO bill has been paid on time.
mepco hbl mobile

HBL Mobile

HBL is one of the most popular banks in Pakistan, so you can use its app as well. For this, you need to:

  • Login to the HBL app.
  • Select the bill.
  • Choose a provider.
  • Enter the reference number and required information.
  • Click on the pay button and pay your bill.

Get MEPCO Bill Notifications Via Email or SMS

Well, you must have thought that there must be some confirmation notification that you have successfully paid the bill. Does this question click on your mind as well if you could get notifications for MEPCO bills online?

Yes, you can! You can do this either through your emails or via SMS alerts. Getting notifications about the MEPCO bills online is very beneficial because it lets each user be informed whether they have paid their bills on time or they are facing late bill payments. You can get a notification in two ways:

  1. Registration for getting MEPCO bills through Emails by entering your reference number in your email, and you would start receiving emails.
  2. However, if you barely open any email, you can also get messages via SMS in the same way. But instead of an email address, you need to insert your mobile number along with your reference number.

You may also like to check MEPCO Bill registration through Email and Sms

MEPCO Online Bill Benefits

  • One of the most significant benefits of paying MEPCO bills online is saving your valuable time and energy.
  • You don’t need to step out of your home, yet you can pay your bills by staying at home.
  • Besides, you would get every notification of a single thing.
  • You would be informed if the due date is near or you are going to pay your bill late.
  • Check your bill payments at home for absolutely free of cost.
  • You can also take a printout of your duplicate bill payment receipt.
  • The process of receiving and paying bills takes a few minutes.

Common Issues concerning MEPCO

  • Several issues are there which many users may encounter while checking their MEPCO online bill status. Thus, to resolve these problems, I have discussed them in detail.
  • In case you have got high electricity bills, you have the option to pay your bill in installments. For this, you need to visit your nearest MEPCO office to request the installments for your bill.

Note that you cannot split your bill in more than three installments.

  • Some users ask about how they can check their MEPCO bill online without a reference number, so bear in mind that there is no such option. Hence, a reference number is essential.
  • If you are curious about the reading date of our MEPCO bill or you want to identify when the meter takes reading, you can see it on the top of the bill.
  • You can also check the meter number on the top of your MEPCO bill copy.
  • If you want to check that your MEPCO bill has been paid, you can check this through the official website. If the paid amount column is filled with the charged amount, it means that payment is made.

MEPCO Contact Number


If you are experiencing any issue or error while paying the online bills, you can frequently contact them. Feel free to call MEPCO, or you can email them as well. Both ways are good, but contact on the phone is a more convenient and instant solution.



For any complaint regarding un-scheduled Loadshedding,

Shutdown you may complain on 061-9220313, 061-9220314 

& Toll-free No. 0800-63726  at Customer Service Centre Multan. 

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

  • How can I check my MEPCO bill CNIC?
  • You can check your MEPCO bill CNIC by following the steps below:
  • Visit the official website of MEPCO.
  • Enter your reference number.
  • A copy of your latest bill will be previewed in front of you.
  • View your bill and download it.
  • What is the reference number?

A reference number is a 14-digit number that is used for any financial transactions, including your debit or credit card. This number helps the company identify your electronic database to monitor your card’s financial status.

  • What are the other methods to pay MEPCO bills online?

You can pay your MEPCO bill online through any mobile banking application. However, the most reliable ones have been discussed above.

Bottom Line

I hope you have found this article pretty helpful if you were looking to pay your bills online. Paying MEPCO bills online is an easy-peasy task that can be done within seconds. All you need to do is to enter your reference number. However, if you are still confused, feel free to ask any queries. Head to our FAQs for more information. you can also visit our article section to download MEPCO Duplicate Bill and Apply for the MEPCO New Connection.

QTR Tariff Adj / DMC

This is the quarterly tariff adjustment amount. You may see this amount in your bill after every 3 months.

If you want to calculate the estimated bill amount, you can use the mepco bill calculator here.

Feel free to contact us for any other questions, or visit the helpline page and call-related office to get the required information.

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