How to File an Online PTCL Complaint

Occasionally, you may need or require assistance with PTCL’s products or services. Suppose your telephone connection failed or was distorted, your internet broadband had connectivity or speed issues, or your EVO Wingle/CharJi device did not receive the correct 3G and 4G signals and speeds. Then you may need to file a ptcl complaint online

PTCL complaint
PTCL complaint

You would feel the urge to contact a real human-managed support agent in order to handle your concerns as quickly as possible.

There are a variety of ways to file a complaint with PTCL regarding the concerns or problems you are experiencing with their services. A user can file a complaint through the PTCL complaint hotline by SMS or phone.

PTCL Complaint from Mobile

Simply dial 1218 from your landline or mobile phone to reach the PTCL support line. After a few minutes, you will be connected with PTCL support personnel at their call center. Due to a call backlog, you may be required to wait a little longer to speak with a helpline representative. Using PTCL’s complaint WhatsApp number, you can also register a complaint via WhatsApp.

SMS Complaint to PTCL

By filing client complaints via SMS, PTCL has developed a novel and expeditious method for resolving consumer difficulties. Concerning any concerns with PTCL services, customers may now quickly lodge a complaint via their own mobile phones.

PTCL Complaint Submitted Via Online Form

Alternately, you can file a complaint by simply visiting findanybill website. To file a complaint on their website, please follow the instructions below:

Access the PTCL Complaint Register.

You will see the following form:

  • You can select the service for which you wish to file a complaint in the product field.
  • In the Complaint Type area, you can specify the particular problem you are experiencing.
  • Then, input your city’s landline area code in the City Code field, followed by your phone number in the next field.
  • You must also give a valid Email address to receive a response from PTCL personnel.

How to Check the Status of Your Complaint

In addition to registering your complaint on PTCL’s official website, you can also check its status. Follow the instructions below to determine the current status of your registered complaint.

  • Visit the PTCL Complaint Status webpage.
  • You will see the following form:
  • You can select the service for which you previously filed a complaint in the product field.
  • Then, input your telephone number with the area code.
  • Enter your complaint number, which you should have received after filing a complaint, in the final field.

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