NEPRA increase Rs 8 in Electricity Prices

Due to the hike in new Charges of Electricity per unit price of Electricity price is increased from Rs 16.91 to Rs 24.82. The new hike in prices of electricity effected the economy severely on the demand of  International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) and the power distribution companies request.

Electricity Prices increase
Electricity Prices increase

NEPRA has sent the notification to the Federal Government for the increase in Price hike. The valuation of the Rupee and increase in Oil prices in the international market has been cited as the reason for the increase in Electricity prices.

NEPRA further stated that the authority determines the new tariff is based on the distribution and transmission losses and low revenue in terms of different distribution companies.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated earlier this week that “Pakistan needs to take wide-ranging steps to repair macro economic stability”. Due to the IMF Statement and demand, NEPRA authorities have accepted the increase in price that may increase this month upto 20 Rs by the end of this Month.

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