Jazz Supreme Multan Social Offer

Jazz has introduced a new special offer for the residents of Multan. Jazz Supreme Social offer Multan can only be subscribed by the residents of Multan. It is best for the users of Jazz who always love to surf social sites like facebook, instagram, whatsapp, imo and tiktok. Beside using social media sites Jazz has offered alot of the packages for its users where they can enjoy unlimited fun at Discounted prices.

Jazz Supreme Multan Social Offer
Jazz Supreme Multan Social Offer

Jazz Multan Social Package Details

Subscription NameSubscription CodeUn Subscription CodeCharges
*499#*499*4#Rs.41 (Incl. Tax)
4000 Mbs
Jazz Mobilink Social Offer Details

Details of Jazz Social Offer

  • Multan Social offer is only valid for the Residents of Multan inside Multan City.
  • Outside Multan you will be charged 0.75paise+Tax for the usage of 1Mb.
  • You will get 4Gb (4000 Mbs) internet data for social usage.
  • You can subscribe to this Jazz Social Package by dialy *499#.
  • To unsubscribe dial *499*4# from your cellphone.
  • To check remaining incentives or Internet data dial *499*2#, after dialing the code you will get the message of remaining data.

Terms & Conditions for Jazz Social Package

Several terms and conditions applied on while subscribing to Jazz Social Package same are as follows:

  • While subscribing for Jazz Social Package there will be a deduction of 0.65Rs.
  • Upon completion of the month offer will be re subscribed automatically.
  • You can unsub the offer anytime.
  • For re activation of the package un sub to package first by dialing *499*4#.
  • After the confirmation message. You can subscribe to the Jazz Social Package again by dialing *499#.

Last Verdict

Jazz Social offer is of a great use for users who are fond of surfing social sites like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, tiktok or messenger. You can check also mepco online bill online. Moreover, Jazz Whatsapp offer can be used unlimited times in a month by re subscribing again as mentioned above.

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