Check MEPCO Bill without Reference Number

Mepco is the largest electricity supplier company in Pakistan with increasing number of 25 Million consumers. Mepco Bill regular updates on the end of every month and the hard copy dispatched on the first dates of every month. You can check Mepco bill online using reference Number online also you can subscribe Mepco bill using Mepco SMS registration or Email registration. If you dont have Mepco reference number you can check Mepco bill without reference number and its paid status by simply following the steps mentioned in this post:

Mepco Bill check without Reference Number
Mepco Bill check without Reference Number

How to Check Mepco Bill without Reference Number

For checking Mepco Bill without reference number you will have to get some details in hand before proceeding. Details which are needed are as under:

  • STMT number
  • Meter Number
  • Date of Meter Reading

Send an Sms “MEPB <space>’STMT NO’ <space> ‘METER NO’ <space> METER READING Date” on 46040. (Standard charges apply depending on your network)

After sending the message within next few minutes you will receive your latest Mepco details and its paid status. Received message will look like MEPB 001 ‘STMT NO 012 1234’ METER No 014 DATE OF METER READING B/S PAID AMOUNT RS 2457

Disclaimer: Standard SMS charges will apply upon sending of SMS to check Mepco bill through SMS without reference number depending upon your network !

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