MEPCO Complaint 2022 – Check the MEPCO Complaints


MEPCO executes its operations as a corporation that can cost only those charges verified by NEPRA. However, if you feel something wrong with your meter condition, wiring, or anything related to your MEPCO service, you can directly submit your complaint to the MEPCO office.

MEPCO has made it effortless for its users to contact the customer care center and register their complaints. These struggles are made to enhance MEPCO’s relationship with its consumers and provide them with the correct information. This information includes knowledge about their utility activities, programs, and services.

However, to make it more convenient, you have an easy way to register your complaint online by staying at your home. You can submit your complaints online if you are facing any problems regarding your electricity.

MEPCO Complaint Online

If you want to register your MEPCO complaint, you can create your complaint online by visiting the official site of MEPCO and visiting the Online complaints application form. This form is available for you to discuss your problems.

Through this application form, you can discuss your issues such as the inadequate supply of electricity, load shedding, meter reading or billing problems, getting a new connection, and all other concerns regulated by the MEPCO authorities. Its customer service center would try its best to respond to you as early as possible and start operating on it very efficiently according to the time provided to its user. We have also reviewed the new MEPCO connection.

MEPCO Complain Via Call or Email

If you don’t want to register your complaint online for any reason or directly talk to the customer service provider, you either make a call directly to their office. Below are given the numbers of the Power Control Center Multan:

  • 061-9210334
  • 061-9210389
  • 061-6784815

On the other hand, you can directly email the officials of MEPCO from your valid and registered email address. You can email them at to discuss your issue and ask them to resolve it as quickly as possible.

MEPCO Toll-Free Number

You can register your complaint at the MEPCO toll-free number against the stealing of electricity. In Pakistan, theft of electric power is considered one of the significant crimes; therefore, whenever you notice anyone involved in suspicious activities regarding electricity, feel free to make a call and report your complaint. For this, you need to:

  • Call on 0800-63726.
  • Listen to the recording carefully.
  • Then press 1.
  • You would be asked to record your complaint.
  • Provide all details about the location of the event and everything.
  • Once you have completed your recording, you can simply disconnect the call.
  • Your complaint has been registered.

Bottom Line

MEPCO hastily handles all the complaints regarding electricity stealing, new connection, poor supply, load shedding, and other concerns. The customer service centers are always available to help you with every matter about your electricity. At any time, you can feel free to register your complaint.

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